Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29, 2009 - I Can't Even Tell Myself

I Can't Even Tell Myself

You are my deepest secret
Kept hid upon my highest shelf

I speak of you to no one
I can't even tell myself

When I am alone

I take you down
And peer inside your box

I memorize each item
And time is stopped upon my clock.

I am lost in thought
Of what could be

If you, I did not have to
Hide from me

Time moves once again
I put you back
Upon my highest shelf
I smile inside and know you're there
I just don't tell myself.

-Neva Flores


Anonymous said...

Lovely poem Neva, could it be a treasury, of past but not forgotten memories,you try to hide upon your highest hidden shelf,that which may never be removed from within thyself? :)

Robert Miller said...

A beautiful poem Neva, and I causes me to smile. You write so beautifully.

phyllis said...

This is so sensitive , brings a tear,,or more--
Thank you'