Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 30, 2009 - Separately Together

Separately Together

There is so much I need to do
I cannot just stay right here with you
There are so many places I want to be
And you can't always be right here with me

If we both could be everywhere at once
All at the same time
What happiness would this bring?
If we both sang the same song all the time
What new song could we sing?

Our path is one, our walk is two

When I'm away I'm still right here with you
Finding new things to learn and see
To share with you
When you're right here with me

Together, apart, You and me
Always together, Separately

-Neva Flores


Phill Senters said...

A very good poem and so very true. Absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Robert Miller said...

Beautiful Neva,

phyllis said...

This so perfectly speaks of so many things, it is beautiful Neva.

Anonymous said...

Together, apart,
You and me
Always together,
Beautiful poem expressing the reality and timelessness of the relationship between kindred spirits.I love it Neva.