Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Night and Day - July 28, 2010

Night and Day

She quickly took the fiery sun from the astounded sky
Replaced its brightness with the moon
The sky was stunned for the briefest of moments
Until the air was filled with a sacred tune

A sacred tune sang by the dazzling stars of silver
Which filled the sky with radiant light
Emanating from their hiding places in heaven
Filling the sky with wondrous delight

Soon, the astounded sky forgot about the fiery sun
In peaceful bliss it smiled and listened
Now fascinated by the glowing moon and sacred tune
Sang by the silver stars that glistened

Without warning she returned and quickly took the moon
Replaced the sacred tune with fiery light
The sky was stunned for the briefest of moments
Then filled with wondrous delight

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Incessant Inspiration - July 25, 2010

Incessant Inspiration

Never-ending, incessant inspiration, is welcomed by the hand
Sweetly held treasured from the very start
  A silken caress of soothing persuasion, stirring the steady flow
Of your imagination, nestled gently in your heart

A release of cherished wonders, splendid in their course
Dignify the expression in their flow
With the breath of enticing bits of passionate emotion
Gratifying in their bliss, pleasing as they show

Deeply captivating is the gravitation to incessant inspiration
Ensnaring and hypnotizing the consenting soul
To express admiration with a measure of immense flourish
As an exhale of unrestrained emotion with no control

If you find you are intensely drawn into this sweet continuum
Of fascination gently rippling in the flow
Treasure the inspiration nestled gently in your heart
Express your imagination in the show

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medley of Intrigue - July 20, 2010

Medley of Intrigue

The passion released in the medley of intrigue
Flows restoring as an onrush of air
Deeply inhaled as a kiss of aching persuasion
Gently arresting the heart waiting there

A resonant fascination mesmerizes the pulsation
Tempting the acceleration to exceed
The natural precision, which is known to maintain
A rush of harmony, as the heart beats

There are some who will emphatically attempt to deny
This medley of delightful intrigue exists
As they have never inhaled, the passion released
By the aching persuasion of the kiss

If your heart has never felt this deep fascination
A swift acceleration that rises above
The natural precision, the heart's known to maintain
Then you have never, truly been in love

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Saga of the Bee - July 18, 2010

The Saga of the Bee

You softly light upon me unannounced
Offending all my tranquility
Sly and cunning in your swift approach
As you creep right up on me

I watch your quest with breathless interest
Yet, silently in increasing fear
Submissive to your persistent touch
As I wonder why you're here

Do you see me as a frustrating hindrance
Or am I part of your life's crusade
Are you taking delight in my fearful plight
Or merely wishing I'd go away

Have I become your latest amusement
To incapacitate with dreadful fear
Or would you prefer I assert my valiant pride
And vanquish you from here

I am not quite sure of your intentions
Perhaps you are not sure of mine
But I've grown weary of this wondering
And all this rising fear is asinine

The time has come for one of us to finally make a move
Regardless of the reasons you are here
As I know the pain you can inflict is powerful and strong
You can watch me run along in all my fear

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Your Heart's Violin - July 14, 2010

Your Heart's Violin

You softly whisper to yourself, love's music ends right here
As you put away your tender heart's violin
So utterly sincere in your resignation to quietly exist
To never play your heart's violin again

You hear the sweetest music played around you every day
With no desire to join in with your own sound
So quietly existing in this world of your resignation
Such a sense of peace, you have found

Then one day when you awaken, the worlds a bit too still
You sit and wistfully stare at your heart's violin
Think about your resignation and the peace you found within
And ever so quickly, you turn away again

The world keeps on a moving, not only quiet but so dark
No longer do you hear any music played
Makes you begin to wonder if this peace you've found within
Is also, what made the music fade

The solitude and peace found in this bittersweet release
Has now become your heart's only friend
You resign to the fact that your violin you must play
If you want to hear the music once again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea of Obsession - July 11, 2010

Sea of Obsession

When did you become a stormy sea of obsession?
Confining in all of your ways
Renouncing all moves in any direction
When one does not yield to the calls, you play

Attempts to govern unclipped wings can be exhausting
The very thought is so gravely insane
Yet you still despondently try to cage in free spirits
With those borders you set and maintain

You reveal uncertainty in your own validation
In the faith you hold in your own
When you desperately try to close off the sky
From free spirits thirsting to roam

Did you know that your borders are guarded by insecurity?
They are useless and protected in vain
Take a look inside the cages you obsessively provide
Not a single free spirit remains

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unbroken and Unbound - July 10, 2010

Unbroken and Unbound
Gentle acceleration secures your every need to lie unbroken
In the midst of the opulence you have found
Prompting the splendor of the arrival of mystical inquiries
Into a tumultuous ocean of feelings unbound

A deluge of fortune revered and proficiently secured
Pours in the radiant warmth of cinder
Polishing the obvious abundance of your need
With moves so unbelievably tender

Unbroken and unbound your intuition refines the spaces
Once only exclusive to a well chosen few
While all knowledge of the mysteries glowing in the cinder
Plunge deeply into the soul of you

You rejoice in the enlightenment of the opulent treasure
Which empowers the depth of the knowing
While watching from the shadows in the back of your mind
Unbroken, unbound and glowing

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Crystal Threads of Assurance - July 09, 2010

Crystal Threads of Assurance

Crystal threads of flowing assurance, delight a thirsty soul
A sustenance of radiant light for the weary
A calming balm of delightful heaven to nourish and console
Healing respite from a world so dark and dreary

Plunge your essence underneath the flow and breathe
Inhale the sweetest solace there awaiting
As you finally find the answers to the questions deep
Your inquiring heart has been contemplating

Embrace the flow as you drink from the crystal cup
Of a comforting assurance so divine
Now serene in the knowledge that you have found
To sustain your ever seeking mind

Copyright @Neva Flores @2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unspoken Words - July 08, 2010

Unspoken Words

Unspoken words lie deep within the caverns of your heart
Consuming you in anguish in their silence
So ruthless in their stand to stay all bottled up inside
They reflect upon your pride with feigned innocence

They speak to you of the grim rejection you will surely find
If you divulge the passion which you feel
Reminding you of the many tears that you have cried
Each time that your true feelings were revealed

You can continue holding all these unspoken words inside
As you listen to the echoes of the fear they resound
But your heart will always wonder if the pride which kept them there
Also kept you from the love you had finally found

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Don't - July 07, 2010

I Don't

The music must be heard by both to remain enchanted
She told him with the whispering of a smile
The force of attraction is a powerful emotion she added
Then slowly walked away and left him standing in the aisle

He mulled her words over in his head for a bit you see
As confusion and irritation began setting in
He shook his head in wonder trying to figure this one out
Trying to figure out where he went wrong again

Yielding to confusion, bewildered and perplexed
He thought about all the things he had done for her
The jewelry and the cards, all the flowers he had sent
Not to mention the new car and the furs

Yet it never crossed his confounded mind even one single time
That perhaps there were things he might have missed
Such as the giving of his time, the precious gift of self
The warmth of a tender hug, and a gentle kiss

So alone he now stands with her bouquet in his hands
No "I do", will he hear from her sweet smile
A sudden dawning of realization hits him where it hurts
Perhaps he should have been there, once in awhile

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Breathe - July 06, 2010


Brilliant energy flows from the depths of your eyes
Striking deep chords in my soul
Radiating a sapphire glow which possesses my own
Altering my strength and control

A mesmerizing moment of time stopped in place
Takes hold, as I look deep inside
Your bottomless sea of sapphire delight
Slipping under the skin of my pride

Such shimmering echoes of primitive desire
Waves of crashing release
Captivate my soul when I look in your eyes
As they steal my breath from me

Your sapphire glow has taken control of my soul
As I swim in your bottomless sea
I have no need to rise to the surface for air
As your energy breathes life into me

Copyright @Neva Flores @2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Wish - July 5, 2010

The Wish
A brilliant star fell from the ancient skies into the sea below
A fiery journey endowed upon us all
Watching the fading embers of a light from the heavens
Thrilled us to the very depths of our souls

Murmurs of the softest sounds were heard among the crowd
As many of us wished upon the dying star
Elated at the prospect, of gaining the desires of our own
Not a bit of sympathy was offered up from our hearts

A thunderous silence fell among us all as we felt the first drops
Of the warmest rain ever felt in any season
Astonishment coursed through all our veins as we looked up
And began to understand the reason

The striking face of the moon was crumpled there in tears
As he watched our joy at the loss of his friend
Our wishes we all took back inside our hearts in shame
And wished instead, he had his friend again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beginning - July 4, 2010


Release the binding embrace of sorrow in the new day found
Offering up an abundance of the sweetest joy
Inhale the fragrance of the earth after all the cleansing rain
Has washed you free of sorrow's scheming ploys

Look into the radiant sun as your face is kissed by its glow
Dissolving all the ice inside your soul
Immerse your spirit in the warmth and treasure this display
As you feel sorrow's presence lose control

Gently smile in the knowledge which floods into your essence
As you see this fold of your journey's curtain softly close
Take a walk into life's garden and deeply look inside yourself
See the blooming of the most exquisite rose

Give thanks into the morning of your first new day of life
No longer living in the fear of tomorrow
Resplendent in your glory, as you bloom and richly grow
Cleansed free, from the binding ties of sorrow

Copyright @Neva Flores @2010

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Young At Heart - July 3, 2010

Young At Heart

Soft folds of velvet memories caress you
In all your vivid dreams
Of a world you wish to travel through
Upon the night's moonbeams

An effervescent glow of a distant star
Whispers to your soul
As your inner spirit dances from afar
With the strength of old

A melody of a galaxy the eye cannot see
Sweetly plays a song anew
Your heart dances young and free
Recapturing your youth

You wish to always sleep and never wake
Your dream to stay within
But morning breaks and it's too late
You're awake again

But what a glorious sunrise there to see
A new day to dance into
Your heart is still young and free
Right there inside of you

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Will Leave You Alone - July 2, 2010

I Will Leave You Alone

Your words are heard throughout my changing mind
Saturating every part of my senses
Profusely renouncing all of my kind affections
Can you not see me building my shield of defenses

Your exasperation with life itself crushes my resolve
To see this world with you in a better light
As you seem to distrust each one who crosses your path
When I know each dog I see does not bite

All your subtle insinuations, unbendable points of view
Places a shadow on the light here in my heart
Yet, I will not permit you to ever steal my joy
Even if from your presence, I must forever part

I have always been in awe of your judgment and your wisdom
Deeply respected your opinion as your own
However, I will not be forced to think and act as you do
So for now, I will leave you alone

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knowing - July 1, 2010


I watch you from the window of the deepest part of my mind
As I attempt to feel the depths of your soul
Oftentimes I wonder about the feelings that rush through
Do they belong to me or if they are part of you

A thrill, a quick rush of excitement, courses through my veins
One of the two of us, is having a lovely day
An oncoming sense of dread, foreboding in my head
Trouble, is coming for one of us straight away

It is so hard for me to explain, these onslaughts of emotion
Other than to chalk it off to being knowing
Please do not think that I, am sifting through your psyche
I am just a sensitive soul, who knows where she is going

One would think you'd find it nice, to have a friend so in tune
With your shifting moods, as they come and go
So do not take offense when I rifle through your soul
As your feelings, are all I wish to know

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010