Monday, November 15, 2010

A Gentle Smile - November 15, 2010

A Gentle Smile

When all was dark in paradise I saw a gentle smile
Coming from a twilight time
With hands of fortune folded all the while
Pressed into the spaces of a rhyme

Timid choruses wondered at my passion there
The stars for no reason ventured out
Kindness sang without a care
In a melody devout

A circle from a distant time of gold recited
With thoughtful ears that heard
Verses offered up when dark was lighted
With the gift of precious words

A restful peace rose up into my blissful state of view
Offering up countless unsung refrains
In a quiet hush I brought to you
The music in my veins

Never shall I lose the sight of this gentle smile
Coming from the light of twilight time
As paradise had been dark for quite awhile
Until this smile arrived in a rhyme

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Juan said...

The miracle of a smile turns into verse.

lorilynn said...

this is so true, you have this penned. lovely neva!!!

Kathy K said...

Smiles, one of those priceless treasures. Some, though, are worth more than others.

Anonymous said...

Neva, "a Gentle Smile" is another of you 10 + writings. Keep up the good work, so many people love to read it.

BBB said...

A kindly smile can make all the difference in one's day! :)

Reflections said...

A verse that transforms to a smile on the face of your readers. Wonderfully written.

ensemble5 said...

Always happy you read, wonderful poem Neva !!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem dear poetess...:)

Best wishes always!

revivor said...

loved it - art walks a tightrope and you stand proud!!