Sunday, October 31, 2010

Veiled - October 31, 2010


Though I have found you within the walls, you arise
Checked with beauty full of bends and curves
Alone, you hold bright spaces
With the softest footsteps
Of great reserve

Who would have guessed that I would have found you
Emblazoned in all your infinite mystic light
Surrounded by a warm white mist
How hard your essence
Would be to fight

There for a while all was veiled in this warm white mist
Which flew in anew each day on the wind
I slept with feathers round my bed
Ignoring the burning bush
I defend

Now I sigh at the sight of your infinite mystic light
As the wind blows the mist aside
Though I have found you within the walls, I arise
To seek that from which
I hide

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

A first reading reveals ‘Veiled’ as something close to a psalm. Subsequent readings point to this being the language and context of court and courtiers, of one being masterfully at play in the world. The other’s second sight and vision are important within this court, our world. And, as the speaker becomes aware of all that’s at play because of this other the shrouds obscuring his/her identity resolve from mist to essence. Knowledge of this mystic other’s essence is enough to encourage the speaker to stand-up for beliefs and values, removing their own veils of identity and essence; come what may the speaker is empowered to release all that is her/him – and to do so for the ‘good’ of others. Poetry is a mystic’s unveiling of essence and understanding; it functions as a parable – those who see (or who need to see) will see and understand.

Other connections – Lucinda Williams and her album, Essence. Tonight is Samhain and All Hallow’s Eve, a night when the Druids figured that with the mists and time of year that the spirits were most close to the earth and interacting with us. And, then again, the poem is appropriate for the mystic celebrated within the poem because today is the eve of tomorrow’s all saints day. The poem also connects to Christian testimony which is about unveiling personal story toward essence as saint and really becoming naked before the congregation; I supposed acceptance is part of the equation, here. And, then, there is the matter of protective camouflage, what we wear and say (or don’t say) that allows us to be considered part of the group. By the end of the poem, it is not a cold hard look at self and values and identity; it is more because love has been bestowed from the other to the speaker that the speaker lovingly chooses to unveil identity within their venue for court, beyond their walls.


lorilynn said...

oh my stars, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! putting this in my favorites in hp.

phyllis said...

In the finest sense of the word ; this is awesome-

BBB said...


ensemble5 said...

Great write, sublime; un bijou..magistral poem Neva ....

Juan said...

I can see a contemplative and amazed soul.

heythere said...

Excellent, as always, Neva! Keep writing.:)

David Sjolander

Kate Smedley said...

I love 'infinite mystic light', beautiful poem Neva.

welshpoet said...

Another wonderful write

Jingle Poetry said...

that's divine.
lovely imagery.

Tutte Peever said...

Absolutely wonderful Neva. One of your best.

zenabowli said...

The long anonymous analysis is quite intriguing and well stated. I guess I simply found the poem, kind of sexy. An unrestrained embrace of emotion and passion... thanks Neva.

revivor said...

beautifully written with some lovely meter - it reads well aloud too

Beatrice said...

A great write - as always!