Monday, November 22, 2010

Life's River - Nov. 22, 2010

Life's River

Until the sea waves wash into the dead of night
Gathering enough jewels to wear
My life will touch upon the shores of light
And my thoughts will always be there

My treasures whirl around the earth as I speak
Clouds rise into the hours beyond
Life's river flows slowly yet is never weak
Eliciting my emotions to respond

Far and fast reaching is the hand of nature's power
I can hear her calling in the wind
My eyes seek to see better in every hour
Releasing dust that made them blind

I see no scarlet time when life could be so cruel
Yet few now remember our sea
But I still watch her gathering all her jewels
To wear upon her waves for you and me

Idle hours are gracious into the dead of night
When sea waves rush upon the shore
As jewels fall from heaven replenishing my light
Flowing life's river into me once more

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Kate Smedley said...

Another stunningly beautiful poem Neva, I love 'my life will touch upon the shore of light', a beautiful image.

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Kate :)

Desert Rose said...

beautiful poem neva..the sea breeze almost hit my face reading it..great work :)

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Desert Rose :)

Juan said...

Resurgent life and treasure that brings the river in this poem.

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Juan :)

lorilynn said...

this one is a beauty!!!

Neva Flores said...

Thank you LL (hugs)

ensemble5 said...

Really very nice Neva ~

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Ensemble :)

phyllis said...

Love this-- touches my heart-

Cindy1128 said...

Beautiful Neva- you are so gifted!

Neva Flores said...

Thank you P. and Cindy. I really appreciate your comments :)

Jingle said...

you are so independent and creative..
your imagery is always fascinating.
Thanks for sharing.

Jingle Poetry said...

Greetings, How are you?
It is a thrill to read your talent today...
Jingle Poetry has magic, wonders, and miracles going on this week,
Hope to see your contribution.
Old poems, or poems unrelated to our theme are welcome.
We treasure your support !
Hope to see you in.
Have A Lovely Tuesday!
Happy Thanksgiving, You Rock!

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Jingle, yes, I am a bit of a lone wolf. Thank you so much for your comments and reads. I appreciate them immensely. :)

BBB said...

Beautifully written!

Neva Flores said...

Thank you BB!

revivor said...

this is so true about life's river - a cycle or rather a "circle of life"

Anonymous said...

The thought in my mind as I sit down to write
Is how many phases occur in each life
I'm now thirty nine, on the verge of a change
Because many frustrations mustn't recur again
Three phases for me, looking back on my life
Seven years in each phase come clearly to light
No boredom for me in those thirty years
One life to me given, must be lived in good cheer
Circumstances now point me in various ways
Calmly and slowly, a pattern forming a phase
Hopefully peaceful, in exchange for exclusions
Integrity foremost, with no room for delusions ...

Neva Flores said...

anonymous.........what a wonderful piece you have left here..