Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Things Make Me Smile - Sept. 26, 2010

Little Things Make Me Smile
It is the little things in life, which mean so much
They are very quietly innocent
Like the wondrous feel of a clean bed sheets touch
Infused with an April Fresh Downy scent

Waking up startled at a quarter past eight
Jumping up straight from bed
Thinking worriedly that I am going to be terribly late
Remembering, it's my day off instead

Coming to terms, that to my name, I've not a dime
Accepting my usual penniless lot
Then there in the pocket of my faded jeans I find
A crumpled up, forgotten five spot

Sitting down now with my paper and pen
Searching for words to write
Thinking to myself, my mind has gone blank again
Then finding the ones, perfectly right

To win the lottery or an all expense paid vacation
Would be so incredibly nice
However, I will settle, for these small sensations
Any ole day of my life

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Claudia said...

i so agree with you - it's often the little things that makes us smile
for me it's to kiss my 18 year old son when we meet at 5 a.m. in the kitchen - both preparing for work or hear how my daughter sings under the shower..
quite unspectacular - but not to be outweighed by lots of "big" things

Brian Miller said...

excellent...i love the little things as well...they add so much to life...fresh sheets...yes....playing with my boys...their head on my chest watching a movie...

lorilynn said...

wow, yes neva it is amazing how we can find the little things in life that can give us such great pleasure. for example, nothing like clean, fresh smelling sheets. even watching the birds is wonderful. i think someone would have to have gone through some rough times to appreciate the small stuff. great things come in little packages.

Jingle Poetry said...

stunning style,
one shall never ignore small acts...
smart poem!

Eric Alder said...

This is a bit different style for you, Neva, but I really liked it; it was plain and honest and personal. (Sometimes superlatives can be too much)

And you're right about the little things, because they are the most important things to appreciate in our daily lives.