Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maiden of Lake Tyrian - Sept. 09, 2010

Maiden of Lake Tyrian

She first appeared from the vapors of Lake Tyrian
An apparition clad in azure mist
Shrouded in the sheerest veil of antique lace
Bands of burnished gold upon her wrists

She had wild champagne locks of untamed curls
Swirling down to her waist
Reaching out to caress gentle breezes
As if, to give pursuing chase

Her splendid feet completely bare of dress
Seemed to freely glide
Across the hazy vapors of Lake Tyrian
Her beauty held in pride

I felt no alarming fear inside my heart
Towards the lovely gliding maid
Until I saw slowly emerging from Lake Tyrian
A sword's glistening blade

My gentle heart skipped a fleeting beat
Swiftly freezing in icy fear
So afraid the lovely maid of Lake Tyrian
Would see me standing there

Watching the sword rise up into her delicate hands
My heart stopped in dreadful fear
Yet, as she had first appeared in the hazy vapors
The maiden of Lake Tyrian, disappeared

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


KB said...

Wonderfully mysterious.

ensemble5 said...

This poem Neva is a pure enchantment... wonderfully DONE.
merci ~~~

Anonymous said...

Well done, Neva...a great fantasy read.