Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010 - As You Are

As You Are

Looking through these eyes of love
I see you as you are
Imperfect but so wonderful
Shining from afar

I see a heart of immense beauty
Created by the One above
Overflowing with such tenderness
Made for me to love

I love you despite your imperfections
The same as you love me
My love for you will never change
No matter what I see

Sometimes we may get angry
Part with hurting words
My love for you will stay the same
No matter what I heard

Looking through these eyes of love
No matter what you do
Where you go or what you say
I will still love you

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Giulia said...

i love especially the picture for this one. The text too. I just have to say it every time: your poems are great!

Newell said...

I oscillate between the realms of conditional and unconditional love.
I wish I could buy into more completely unconditional love as you do in your poem. It is just that, I suppose there is a little devil in me!

Michael said...

Very Nice

Take Care

lorilynn53 said...

to my darling new friend. i am so blessed to know someone like you. i am keeping you as a friend forever, from here to eternity. you words in your poems are like sparkling gems that are truly to be treasured. blessings and peace sent your way. LL

Kate Smedley said...

You have a heart of immense beauty Neva, reflected in this poem.

phyllis said...

This says all there needs to be said for love without strings or expectations-- not easy but so much more satisfying , to be able to accept another as they are.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Neva,

Wonderful poem and the photo..:)

Thank you,

Timeless said...

Imperfections, of which we all have in some form or another. When you truly love someone does it really matter at all.
This is another wonderful poem from an exceptionally talented lady
Love the picture TY:))