Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010 - You Saw The Beauty

You Saw The Beauty

I laid my heart at your feet
And sat in front of you
Then I looked into your eyes
To see what you would do

Curiosity beamed from yours
Anyone could see
Such a fascination there
Looking back at me

A smile passed across your face
As in wonderment and awe
You took what I'd presented you
With its many flaws

You saw the beauty there
Overlooked the scars
Knowing that what placed them there
Makes you who you are

Copyright *Neva Flores *2010


Newell said...

You plucked the strings of my heart...

Phill Senters said...

"You saw the beauty there...Overlooked the scars" ....It is truly a rare and wonderful thing to find someone who can.

Kathy K said...

It is often with great trepidation that we make our heart fully vulnerable before another, and with good reason, for the scars are evidence of the wounds that can come as a result of doing so in the past. But oh, the sweetness to have someone look upon our heart as you have described, with a curious smile. One who has their own scars and understands their significance and their positive contribution to our beauty.

hayran said...

It's a kind of love usually a mother gives her child,but here the branch of your imagination going beyond that.I like it.

TyHyChi said...

Really Beautiful..

Moira said...

True beauty is in what's not visible...we need to look beyond..and you've captured this beautifully Neva,Thank you

Jonie said...

So beautiful, thanks!