Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beginning - July 4, 2010


Release the binding embrace of sorrow in the new day found
Offering up an abundance of the sweetest joy
Inhale the fragrance of the earth after all the cleansing rain
Has washed you free of sorrow's scheming ploys

Look into the radiant sun as your face is kissed by its glow
Dissolving all the ice inside your soul
Immerse your spirit in the warmth and treasure this display
As you feel sorrow's presence lose control

Gently smile in the knowledge which floods into your essence
As you see this fold of your journey's curtain softly close
Take a walk into life's garden and deeply look inside yourself
See the blooming of the most exquisite rose

Give thanks into the morning of your first new day of life
No longer living in the fear of tomorrow
Resplendent in your glory, as you bloom and richly grow
Cleansed free, from the binding ties of sorrow

Copyright @Neva Flores @2010


kdpgrahi said...

Yes we all have to have positive thoughts as expressed here every day morning thinking every day as a new beginning

orchidée said...

Thank you very much Neva.,... so well revival poem written by you. beautiful...

didin solahudin said...

What a wonderful poem!
I have to say a big thank to the morning which never feels bored to greet my life.

Jonie said...

I love the last verse especially. Thanks.

BBB said...

I can, very much, relate to the last verse! Nice write! :)

lo said...
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lorilynn said...

i can also relate to the last verse,
"Give thanks into the morning of your first new day of life
No longer living in the fear of tomorrow......"
very well done...♥♥♥

jo oliver said...

Neva,very well written, as always. I think most can relate in some way or another.