Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Medley of Intrigue - July 20, 2010

Medley of Intrigue

The passion released in the medley of intrigue
Flows restoring as an onrush of air
Deeply inhaled as a kiss of aching persuasion
Gently arresting the heart waiting there

A resonant fascination mesmerizes the pulsation
Tempting the acceleration to exceed
The natural precision, which is known to maintain
A rush of harmony, as the heart beats

There are some who will emphatically attempt to deny
This medley of delightful intrigue exists
As they have never inhaled, the passion released
By the aching persuasion of the kiss

If your heart has never felt this deep fascination
A swift acceleration that rises above
The natural precision, the heart's known to maintain
Then you have never, truly been in love

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

The last line...the entirety of it is so beautiful Neva. Something within me, can really somehow understand this. There is love, then there is the true, lasting, in-love emotion balanced with far greater depth (believed somehow, despite the course of life...) Wonderful writing! A beautiful "medley of intrigue" so perfectly entitled!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem,When the passion burns inside the heart.

lorilynn said...

my my my what ingenious melody of words you master. just beautiful. you amaze me truly my friend.

Pursuing inspiration. said...

I shall not deny .. just amazing.

ensemble5 said...

Beautiful poem Neva... this passion that you write so well, wonderful moments...

Mike said...

Love this so much, I came back to say "Hi". Always a pleasure visiting here. I just hardly ever take the time to comment. Keep them coming; you do an awesome job!

Beatrice said...

Love - fascination, beautifully written.

revivor said...

the lines and words intertwine much as the lovers that they describe - very clever writing