Monday, July 5, 2010

The Wish - July 5, 2010

The Wish
A brilliant star fell from the ancient skies into the sea below
A fiery journey endowed upon us all
Watching the fading embers of a light from the heavens
Thrilled us to the very depths of our souls

Murmurs of the softest sounds were heard among the crowd
As many of us wished upon the dying star
Elated at the prospect, of gaining the desires of our own
Not a bit of sympathy was offered up from our hearts

A thunderous silence fell among us all as we felt the first drops
Of the warmest rain ever felt in any season
Astonishment coursed through all our veins as we looked up
And began to understand the reason

The striking face of the moon was crumpled there in tears
As he watched our joy at the loss of his friend
Our wishes we all took back inside our hearts in shame
And wished instead, he had his friend again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


kdpgrahi said...

Brilliant graphic narration. We confess we harbor some incorrect wishes that have to be withdrawn later on

Kate Smedley said...

A strikingly original poem Neva, I love it.

ensemble5 said...

Gorgeous Neva ...intelligeant, brilliant this search of course! !!

phyllis said...

Sensitive, insightful, wise

Kathy K said...

Amazing thoughts!

lorilynn said...

gosh, beautiful prose of the moon and his star.

Heather Mirassou said...

How about we Paint the Rain!

revivor said...

heart wrenching and beautifully written