Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Don't - July 07, 2010

I Don't

The music must be heard by both to remain enchanted
She told him with the whispering of a smile
The force of attraction is a powerful emotion she added
Then slowly walked away and left him standing in the aisle

He mulled her words over in his head for a bit you see
As confusion and irritation began setting in
He shook his head in wonder trying to figure this one out
Trying to figure out where he went wrong again

Yielding to confusion, bewildered and perplexed
He thought about all the things he had done for her
The jewelry and the cards, all the flowers he had sent
Not to mention the new car and the furs

Yet it never crossed his confounded mind even one single time
That perhaps there were things he might have missed
Such as the giving of his time, the precious gift of self
The warmth of a tender hug, and a gentle kiss

So alone he now stands with her bouquet in his hands
No "I do", will he hear from her sweet smile
A sudden dawning of realization hits him where it hurts
Perhaps he should have been there, once in awhile

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Kathy K said...

Not too many brides, or grooms, have enough courage to walk away, even when their heart is telling them to.

kdpgrahi said...

You have rightly observed and articulated in your sweet words, what the time is now going through. No body will have the time or patience to understand what the fellow person is meaning, leave aside a tender hug, a gentle kiss or empathy. These words are going to be wiped out of the relationship lexicon.
Right observation Neva.

Kate Smedley said...

Wow, a hugely powerful poem, beautifully done.

Anonymous said...

yes,sometimes it's the moments that one cannot see that are the most important. and @KathyK brings up such a profound point - not many will have the courage to walk their truth, especially at a moment like that.

lorilynn said...

yes, so very true; money doesn't buy everything that we really need. only quality moments are the real treasures.

ensemble5 said...

Neva thanks! for this poem "" time unforgettable life remaining in our heart, sweetness, happiness is the most beautiful. ~~~~~

Delores said...

So true. In our world we're so busy doing that we forget how to just be. Somehow there is confusion as to what people think others need.

revivor said...

well examined - the ins and outs of being jilted at the altar