Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea of Obsession - July 11, 2010

Sea of Obsession

When did you become a stormy sea of obsession?
Confining in all of your ways
Renouncing all moves in any direction
When one does not yield to the calls, you play

Attempts to govern unclipped wings can be exhausting
The very thought is so gravely insane
Yet you still despondently try to cage in free spirits
With those borders you set and maintain

You reveal uncertainty in your own validation
In the faith you hold in your own
When you desperately try to close off the sky
From free spirits thirsting to roam

Did you know that your borders are guarded by insecurity?
They are useless and protected in vain
Take a look inside the cages you obsessively provide
Not a single free spirit remains

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

Acute poem about when we build our own jail.

Newell said...

Certainly true of me!

phyllis said...

Beautifully written !!! And so true

BBB said...

This sounds like something written for my ex-- a very controlling man!

Yes! It is built upon their own insecurity!

Bravo to you!

TJF4316 said...

So very true and also so very sad..

revivor said...

we've flown the nest of obsession!!
nice one!!

lorilynn said...

very accurate indeed. beautifully done neva.

ensemble5 said...

Beautiful poem Neva beautifully always write the right word.. .what word uncertainty which is vaciller...

Beatrice said...

This could be me