Monday, March 8, 2010

March 08, 2010 - Your Light

Your Light

I am ever reaching for your light
To hold within my heart
Knowing it is all I'll ever need
To begin each day I start

You are my anchor in a storm
That which grounds me everyday
You guide me ever safely home
Whatever comes my way

Your light it never leaves my sight
I never leave from yours
With loving eyes you watch each step I take
As I go through life's doors

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Jonie said...

Amen. Beautifully expressed faith and trust in our Almighty Father.

Stunning Mesh said...

another mind blowing thoughts with eye catching scene, great one

phyllis said...


Kate Smedley said...

Beautifully expressed, the light his everything in a dark world.

dawid said...

Sometimes people are our anchors without us realising it - they inadvertently gain our respect.
Often we only realise this after they disappoint us or are no longer there!

FaithHodge said...

This is so beautiful. Just awesome and true. Thank you for sharing.