Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26, 2010 - Undeclared


I have often wondered what would have been
What could have been with you
Had it been a different place and time
And if we had similar views

The paths we cross they all have reasons
Sometimes it's hard to figure why
We touch each others lives in some way
Then we say goodbye

Feelings were strong and they were very real
But perhaps not strong enough
To cross invisible borders
Chasing after love

Perhaps we should just smile and reminisce
The season that we shared
Keep the good, cast away the sad
Leave the feelings undeclared

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


johnnydod said...

yup! We all wonder what if ...

Jonie said...

Yes, I have wondered...

hayran said...

I always try be positive about it even if i miss, there should be a reason for every thing.

Kate Smedley said...

It does help if we can bring good from bad and cherish the happy memories, very lovely again Neva.

Paramjit said...

keep the good and cast away the sad. Beautifully said.

phyllis said...

There is so much sadness in the 'what if's ' of our lives--- 'what if only ' we had turned the other way ,If we had looked up,left five minutes earlier--
Hard to find reasons sometimes-

Moira said...

"If"'s such a big word...i guess we all wonder at some point in our lives "what if" maybe it's best not to dwell on that too much and accept what much thought put into this wonderful poem....i thank you my friend :)

TyHyChi said...

It's such a great way to look at it!
Very Healthy.. with Closure.