Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 - Purpose


This world of ours keeps spinning round
Faster than we know
Our days pass by before our eyes
And life so quickly goes

All the time we think we have
We have not at all
Just take a look at what you meant to do
Before distraction came to call

It is so easy to get sidetracked
And forget the purpose that you had
But this old world keeps spinning fast
And sometimes we get misled

This world is something we can't control
We can't stop it or slow it down
But we can always redirect ourselves
And our purpose can again be found

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Moira said...

Beautifully written,Thank you Neva

Sunshine said...

Wonderful Poem Neva! Beautifully says what goes on.. This is true about everyone's life ..Can't write it better! Oh, Poetess, You are the best!xx

revivor said...

How relevant that is to me today!! - tons of detail and yet some big purposes to achieve too, thanks

Pat said...

I especially like the line," . . . what you meant to do before distraction came to call"

Bren Parks said...

Wonderful, very profound! I love your work!

TyHyChi said...

Neva your work always Reveals in Each of Us..
those things that are so close by..
but we aren't Aware of, and we tend to overlook because the internal descriptions are not there..
then we discover your poetry (Spiritual Lessons)and all that changes instantly..

Thank you for sharing your Soul's Journey with us..

Your are gifted with the abilities to be a Vessel for the Reconnection that is taking place on our Planet at this Time of Great Change & Ascension..

You have made a profound impact on my Awareness..
I now see your words and photo's too, in my mind like Spiritual flash card reminders..
That we can always regroup and get back on track..
no matter the circumstances we can always get back home to Self,God Source & Center..

Thank you for Being You, showing up every single day and always being a Source of Inspiration..
Love & Blessings to you.. ~Ren!