Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11, 2010 - Room To Grow

Room To Grow

I cannot grow here in your shade
I will surely die
I can't reach up or branch out
As there is no sun in sight

Each time I reach up to touch the sky
Your branches hold me down
I can't breathe in any air
There's no air around

My roots curl up against me now
They have no room to grow
Yours have taken all our soil
I'll soon die I know

Why can't we just exist as two
Here separately together
Stand up proudly side by side
And both live here forever

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


johnnydod said...

wonderful words from a wonderful poet

Jonie said...

Wonderful - true love encourages to grow and doesn't hold us down.

Ta4ka said...
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dawid said...

The situation where one limits instead of promotes the other's growth is both chilling and real. I hope this poem encourages those that are in this situation to allow and enjoy growth

phyllis said...

The Ideal-- to grow side by side--- wonderful image.

Thank you

Zuzanna Musial said...

Wise poem about being an equal partners, especially in marriage.
"Growing side by side"

Lovely write,

Barbara said...

Beautiful Neva :)

Paramjit said...

Nicely said. Freedom to grow and to love.