Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010 - Home


Tired of all the wasted days
All the wasted years
So tired of running backwards
And how time disappears

Sick of being sick and tired
And tired of being sad
I decided that only I could change it
And be happy with what I had

Tired of feeling lost
And always seeking home
I took a good look at myself
And how far I've roamed

I've never put down roots
Or clung to anything
Never stayed in one place for long
Afraid they'd clip my wings

It's no wonder I feel I don't belong
Anywhere I roam
I've never stayed there long enough
To call any place my home

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Ta4ka said...

Very awesome, yet I can sense the sadness in it and I hate sadness, I know it's poetic and beautiful in it's own way but still life is so awesome, not much time left for being sad. Time to do something about it all.

Phill Senters said...

"Tired of all the wasted days
All the wasted years"
A good look at myself Neva. Tired of being sick and tired.

Moira said...

"cause when you feel like you're done...and the darkness has're not alone"......we've all been there
...Beautiful and poignant ...

Kate Smedley said...

I love the 'sick of being sick and tired and tired of being sad' a poignant poem, seemingly full of regret.

phyllis said...

Poignant-- oh yes--- Sad-- full of regret--- Nothing is wasted if you have learned from the experience---you have time -- what do you plan on doing with the experience that has shaped you ?

iwalkiwrite said...

A great poem and some important lessons...although home can be more of an experience than a place.