Friday, July 2, 2010

I Will Leave You Alone - July 2, 2010

I Will Leave You Alone

Your words are heard throughout my changing mind
Saturating every part of my senses
Profusely renouncing all of my kind affections
Can you not see me building my shield of defenses

Your exasperation with life itself crushes my resolve
To see this world with you in a better light
As you seem to distrust each one who crosses your path
When I know each dog I see does not bite

All your subtle insinuations, unbendable points of view
Places a shadow on the light here in my heart
Yet, I will not permit you to ever steal my joy
Even if from your presence, I must forever part

I have always been in awe of your judgment and your wisdom
Deeply respected your opinion as your own
However, I will not be forced to think and act as you do
So for now, I will leave you alone

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Kathy K said...

Yes, definitely can relate.

Jonie said...

Yes, I too can relate. Wise words. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Instructive poem,alone ,Why not let him have a dog for barking him ?

Phoenix Montoya said...

Such wisdom in this poem.

Kate Smedley said...

A profound and beautifully written poem.

lorilynn said...

yes, this can happen for those alone times that need to be there in times of space. can relate.

TJF4316 said...

I think I am running out words to describe Neva's poems.They touch my heart and soul so very deeply that at times I am moved to tears.
This poem is so very true and meaningful and is such good advice for all of us.

orchidée said...
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BBB said...

Negative people can certainly make you feel down and depressed. Yes, it is best to stay away from them for awhile else you get the same depressing attitude and thoughts.

Keith said...

Wow....I'm so in the middle of touched me profoundly.

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Very nice, hun :p

revivor said...

like the way the title reappears at the right moment

ApogeePhoto said...
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Kidist said...

yes its very true! And i blv on giving space.