Friday, May 14, 2010

Embroidered Heart - May 14, 2010

Embroidered Heart

Lovely fields of vision seen
In all the days of you
Sewn gently in the heart of hearts
With silken threads of blue

Embroidered in the sky by stars
Drifting as to sea
Stitched in love by the hand of time
Forever yours to be

Memories sweet a picture there
Of love I have for you
Held in place by knots of love
Forever to hold true

Framed in love in the finest gold
Caught up in eternity
To stand in halls of love divine
For all the world to see

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Paul said...

From the pen of Neva's heart

Anonymous said...

I so know this feeling Neva. Poignant for me. Flows elegantly.

johnnydod said...

nice one Neva

Kathy K said...

This is absolutely magical. I love the theme of thread and knots you've woven into this.

Debra said...

Such a lovely piece! Well done, Neva!

indigorock said...

"... with silken threads of blue" speaks to this heart. Your gift of writing is a blessing for us all.

phyllis said...

Lovely ,touching , meaningful--Thank you Neva

BBB said...

Wonderful! I love the analogies woven through the poem! :)

lorilynn said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Newell said...

Your poem has embroidered my heart.

jo oliver said...

Great imagery and flow.