Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shine - May 22, 2010


Can you picture what is inside the glass
What radiates from there
Looking back at you like a pearlescent jewel
Fit for a comb in the queen's noble hair

Did you know the beauty, which you carry inside
Should never be hidden from sight
But shown to an aching world for all to see
Do not hide your wonderful light

Shine your radiance for every needful heart to see
Such a warmth and joy you will inspire
Uplifting hearts hurting in need
Your light is that which they require

Now hold your head up and smile in the glass
Go out in the world and seek those souls
Smile at each one you see
Share the light, which you hold

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


jo oliver said...


movenon said...

Neva and you are shining friend - but for now just take it easy you need time for yourself hugs to you so PROUD of you

BBB said...

This is so VERY inspiring! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Now your making me blush Neva hahahaa

Anonymous said...

These words are like like burnished gold

Anonymous said...

So light and so bright...So beautiful Neva. Thank you for sharing each and every word. Your words are MY light each morning I awake and see another day.So so so inspiring to me. YOU MY FRIEND GIVE ME HOPE. Thank You. Faith

Kate Smedley said...

You shine Neva, this is beautiful.