Friday, May 28, 2010

Gate's Of The Spirit - May 28, 2010

Gate's Of The Spirit

I heard thunder rumble from the edge of the dark horizon
While in the distance lightening flared
Then a perfect silence turned time backwards
As I breathed in the sweetest air

Such unexplained feelings for which I have no words
Suddenly echoed through my locked in heart
A longing for something that left me defenseless
With absolutely no route of escape to embark

An uncontrolled fire emerged as if from my fingertips
Leaving my spirit open with no place to hide
Yearning for a satisfaction I have never known
While melting away all of my pride

A love as pure as untouched spring water
Mysteriously and deeply ruled by the fates
Had broken the chains wound around my heart
And flooded into my spirit's own gates

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Kathy K said...

I know that pure love that invades the spirit. You have again captured that which can be so difficult to put in words.

Me said...

Wonderful lines

Kosyman said...

Very nice ;)

phyllis said...

really incredible use of Images-- very powerful

Kate Smedley said...

I keep saying 'beautiful' to all of your work and repeating myself but it really is Neva. A 'gorgeous' poem.

TJF4316 said...

Such a very touching poem that reaches in and moves your heart..