Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May 04, 2010 - Magnificent Bird

Magnificent Bird

I awoke this morning from my little bed
In a world unknown to me
A magical world full of mystical creatures
Resounding with mystery

Magnificent birds with wings of gold
Hailed me with their song
The strangest happening ever to see
As I was able to sing along

No simple trills issued forth from their beaks
But words I heard with my heart
An angelic melody so sweet they did sing
From this world I wished never to part

Forever in this magical world I will stay
To my home I shall never return
As now I have become a magnificent bird
Because, their song I have learned

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


johnnydod said...

your dreaming Neva... eat less cheese before you go to bed..

On the serious side wonderful magical poem

lorilynn said...

i agree with jonny, got to have some humor or we will be heading to the sanitarium..... all kidding aside, beautiul poem full of hope.....

Phill Senters said...

No kidding at all.....Beautifully different Neva. I'd like to hear the song.

BBB said...

Oh! what fun! I love a bit of the whimsical!

(Johnny, you are a hoot!)

Neva Flores said...

So glad we are all having so much fun.........Make's my heart smile.....

BBB said...

I'm glad for that! I'd like to see more like this, often, so your heart will smile-- often! :)

figgdimension said...

i like when you smile neva makes me smile too!!!

ray said...

Each one of us has areas of darkness and of brilliance buried deep within us. You never fail Neva to illuminate an area deep within your essence to reveal who you really are and what is in your heart.
Oh to have the magic of love turn you into such a magnificent bird singing such a comforting song, but always needing to be free.

AFHodge said...

i do love this one! And of coure the others. What a magnificent place to awake. Inspires me!!! Ken should love this one!!! LOL...He cracks me up with his comments sometimes. Beautiful words are just flowing from you Neva. Keep it up! I am enjoying your poetry so very much.