Thursday, May 13, 2010

Vintage - May 13, 2010


Treasured vestiges of sunbeams
Shine down in radiant light
Revealing thoughts of dreams
Which have long since taken flight

Light reflections pass into the glass
Of tiny hidden cracks
Held captive like a bird of song
Who has sang at last

Another age has ended new
Time has stolen past
As all the beams of light review
The song they must outlast

Beauty seeps into the cracks
The song is held in tune
Captures light that never lacks
Or ever leaves too soon

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Kate Smedley said...

I love your use of words Neva and this is no different 'Treasured vestiges of sunbeams' is just lovely and in the final stanza, 'Beauty seeps into the cracks'. So full of imagery and emotion.

Mike said...

Always a pleasure seeing your work. You are an inspiration to all who follow you.


Andy48 said...

So inspirational. We are very lucky that you share things like this with us.

johnnydod said...

Beautiful just beautiful

lorilynn said...

beautiful, promising and hopeful!!

figgdimension said...

thats like Lord Byron good or poe or Frost in a somber mood i liked it alot its filled with emotion lovin it thanks Neva