Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, 2010 - Lost Breezes

Lost Breezes

The breezes of spirits long lost at sea
Aimlessly wander the shore
Whispering shadows of what they should be
Not sure where to blow anymore

Their voices are heard in the crashing
Of every wave I see
Held fast to the lightning flashing
So brilliantly over the sea

A lighthouse they seek out so restless
Lost souls in search of peace
Drifting hearts blowing on winds of distress
Waiting for their storm to cease

I feel them as if passing right through me
As the wind catches my hair
All their sad faces you'd be able to see
If only you were there

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Jonie said...

Beautiful, sad and haunting. Thanks.

Newell said...

Neva...I can feel your heart on the wind!

phyllis said...

Beautiful ; haunting . yes- so sensitive it hurts--

mysticdave said...

So beautifully haunting...... :)

lorilynn said...

you absolutely amaze me. my world stops to read your poems neva. you are so blessed with this talent. i think you are one of the best poets around. gotta get a book and sign it!!!!

BBB said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Tragic and haunting...A venting for one of those things we can't change...