Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 03, 2010 - Flying To Escape

Flying To Escape

Flying to escape what is my destiny
I have darted and dashed about
Stopping short of what I am meant to do
Frozen by my doubts

Growing stronger with each crack
Each time life dealt a blow
Still I ran and hid from destiny
Myself I didn't know

Living, learning growing wiser
Experience ingrained upon my heart
Refusing to live by what I learned
Came untied and fell apart

Torn and bruised and battle scarred
I finally saw the light
Who I am and what I'm meant to do
Is stand up tall and fight

Neva Flores 2010


djinnga said...

I think this is wonderful account of how we spend our precious moments..fearing to become who we can be...shine on angel! keep going...Eternity is here-now!

Jonie said...

"Who I am and what I'm meant to do
Is stand up tall and fight"
Amen! Thanks!!

Phill Senters said...

This is good Neva. I think when we stop learning, growing , and fighting for right is when we start dying.

phyllis said...

Takes a while to realize that "wherever we go, there we are" ; we cannot escape from ourselves ; . No one can diminish us, without our consent;
Painful lessons we learn in the process of becoming who we are. Wonderful poetry Neva-

Catdozer said...

Each day we learn, we grow,we learn to guard our heart from life's wars.
Neva has penned this ever so true