Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 18, 2010 - Your Picture

Your Picture

How can I just look at your picture
And not hold you every day
I want you more each time I look
But I can't look away

I tell myself to take it down from here
And not look at you anymore
But each time I start I stop
And I sit and look at you some more

My longing for the arms I see
Is different than before
I'd never felt them round me
Now I have and I want them even more

Sometimes I just sit here and do nothing
But want you and look into your eyes
Why do I do this to myself
I can't tell you why

Neva Flores 2010


Jonie said...

Yes, that's how it is.. and I don't know why :-)))

Kate Smedley said...

It can be like this sometimes can't it, you've expressed emotions perfectly as always Neva.

Anonymous said...

gut wrenching... pain expressed.

phyllis said...

This is so sensitive and hits home so closely---Astounding the empathy you have so expressed here-

Barbara said...

A beautiful poem,and it happens to all of us sometime.

Alex said...

My mother has just found out who her father was. She's been searching her entire life.

I know you probably had something else in mind when you wrote this, but it reminds me of what she is going through.

She has a photo of him now, next to a burning candle. She likes to look at the photo and say "dad", as it's the first time in 55 years she's been able to.

I'll direct her to your poem.

Thank you Neva.

Paramjit said...

So painfully true. The feeling of wanting to hold someone so badly who is not there.