Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010 - Your Secrets


Your Secrets

What is hiding there behind those eyes
Secrets I can't see
Deeply hidden from my view
Reveal them now to me

Tell me what you dream about at night
What your desires are
Where you want to go from here
And is it very far

I want to know what makes you smile
Brings tears into your eyes
Tell me now where you have been
And what makes you sigh

Show me now what I can't see
While looking from afar
Your secrets they are safe with me
Tell me who you are

  Neva Flores 2010


Kate Smedley said...

Full of longing and mystery, another lovely poem Neva.

Jonie said...

I totally agree with Kate - longing and mystery beautifully woven together. Great!

phyllis said...

Love this !! What hides behind eyes --- always a mystery---

Cindy1128 said...

This was written for someone I know and I am going to give this to him.... It's perfect. You are a wonderful and gifted writer.

BBB said...

Neva, this is written beautifully!

Alex said...

'tell me who you are' me that's the process of falling in love with a friend, lover or higher power...each to their own.

Boyofbow said...

Hi Added you to my blogroll


Sharon said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!