Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 15, 2010 - Hold


My mind is circling round my heart
Asking what is true
Does my heart safely abide
In all of this I do

Emotions running up and down
Heart beats fast then slow
And right when I think I'm there
I'm not sure which way to go

Loving and being loved
Such lovely words and feelings
But I'm still standing on the edge
Of accepting all this healing

Trust and all that it may be
Has never been a friend of mine
Each time I have gotten close to him
A way to break my heart he finds

Once more I'll put my heart out on a limb
And I'll be strong and bold
Trust I'll once more make my friend
And pray this limb will hold

Neva Flores 2010


alex said...

Jump, you'll either fly or land safely in the arms of those who love you!

phyllis said...

Really interesting how you conceive of "Trust" being an entity, apart , with an identity of its own; This has a great deal of depth , and really asks important questions,concerning Trust --- Like this one...

Thank you Neva

Design Soft Studios said...

My business is totally different but you always make me to think,I love your posts,I think trust got those how can trust others.

steven said...

This is something.that makes the eyes open like the mind.very nice...the new guy on the block..steve