Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010 - Never Leave Me Angry

Never Leave Me Angry

When you leave me say goodbye
Always with a kiss
Never leave me angry
You must remember this

Angry words they are so hurtful
They cut so deep inside
So never leave me angry
Put aside your pride

Forgiveness is not always easy
But do it in advance
Never leave me angry
You may not have a second chance

  Neva Flores 2010


Jonie said...

So well put and so true! Great.

Anonymous said...

It only takes a few seconds to say words that hurt and once spoken it could take an age to repair.

phyllis said...

I think we learn this through experience--- Its something we 'know' but not until we experience this pain do we really Know-Words spoken can never be recalled---
Wisdom is here--

BBB said...

Very true! Anger seems even more hurtful when expressed before walking out--kind of leaving you hanging in limbo!

paul said...

So very true

Phttaramjit said...

This was great. There may never be a second chance. Thanks a lot as I really appreciated this,