Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 07, 2010 - What Lies Underneath


What Lies Underneath

I hear you laugh at almost everything
I believe I've rarely ever seen you mad
You are such a joy to be around
Because you are hardly ever sad

I watch your face and look into your eyes
And I see sadness there
A look of vast experience
From a life that's not been fair

Sometimes,  I see you talk to yourself
Very quiet, very low
And I wonder what is on your mind
What are you trying not to show

I realize that constant laugh
And the smile there on your face
Is not reflected in those eyes of yours
And it seems so out of place

What lies underneath that mask of happiness
That I always see you wear
And how deep do the secrets, and the pain therein lie
That you alone do bear

Neva Flores 2010


orchidée said...

~~ Vous avez une plume merveilleuse,une finesse des mots qui me touche beaucoup et me donne les larmes aux yeux chere Neva Flores.~~

~~You have a wonderful pen, a fineness of words that touches me much and gives me the tears in my eyes chere Neva~~~.

phyllis said...

This really touches-- good question isn't it . what is beneath our masks, what made it necessary ? The loneliness here hits home---Yes-- gives "tears in my eyes"

BBB said...

Hits home here! I've had many ask me what hides behind my laughter! Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Within ourselves we all hide something, Thank you Neva, your words will surely indenify with most of us