Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2010 - Turn Back Time

Turn Back Time

Yesterday you were but a dream I had
Tomorrow you came true
Today I have to find a way
Tomorrow to undo

Such a love I knew we would be
What a great love we were
Today I have to find a way to change it all
And make tomorrow not occur

If I could go back into my yesterday
And not find my way to you
Then tomorrow would not be at all
And I would not love you

Neva Flores 02/10/10


Kate Smedley said...

You have great perception and a wonderful way of expressing feelings Neva, this was very moving, I can identify with it so closely.

Jonie said...

Love's riddle indeed.I too can identify. Great.

Phill Senters said...

I agree with Kate for I too can identify with you on this Neva. Some tomorrows should be replaced by some yesterdays relived.

phyllis said...

Very perceptive ; very sad; the underlying regret of , 'If only" -- Beautifully expressed , subtle -- need to reread this.Several times in order to really grasp the feeling.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is another day and yesterday is past, hold on to the memories Neva because these will always last. I love this poem so much. Once again you have supassed yourself again with your incredible poetry, Thank you:))

Best Arch Supports said...

Nice and touching lines. The memories of previous days are always sweet.

Dating Advice said...

Nice wordings. Quite emotional.