Monday, February 8, 2010

February 08, 2010 - Wordsmith


I am a Wordsmith new at my trade
I learn as I go along each day
My direction is true as is my aim
My end is unknown but I know The Way

I have questions that to some may seem odd
And theories I have to explain
Beliefs so strong that I can’t keep them inside
And yes, I write about pain

I  feel the need to tell what I am of
And in what I do believe
To find others who feel the same
Is what I aim to achieve

I think about everything that I see and hear
I feel everything all around me
If I don’t share all of this in someway
All of this thinking and feeling will drown me

Neva  Flores 2010


Jonie said...

Love the touch of humour at the end! well, you've achieved finding me! :-)Thanks!

phyllis said...

How beautifully you have said , "gotta be me ! "; Now express all that has been pent up inside for such a long time, The cabinet is open at last !! You've been locked up for so long---- The butterfly has wings !!

Go Girl-- Fly---

Alex said...

Brilliant. I know exactly how you feel!

Paul said...

To unload our feelings is hard, Neva has put this in her poem,this message is clear.I thank Neva for your poetry