Monday, February 1, 2010

February 01, 2010 - Home


Mirror, Mirror upon my wall
What is this far off land I see
When I look into your lovely glass
It calls out my name and beckons me

Is this my home from another place and time
That I yearn for in my heart of hearts
Bringing memories back to me
From which I cannot part

I think I will step inside you for just a bit
And travel back in time
To see if this place I think is home
Is only in my mind

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


djinnga said...

lovely weaving of thought word angel...Home is within...we spend our time searching for it everywhere in different places,different paces...all the while it has been patiently waiting ...

Anonymous said...

My English home is waiting from where it all began, and I will return quite soon to place my home back into my heart....

phyllis said...

OH Neva , how perfectly you have captured the fantasy ,We want a time our memory tells us was peaceful, the hope we have that such a tranquil life we recall , is possible again--

BBB said...

Wonderful fantasy with a touch of whimsical!

Alex said...

I can't even explain the feelings this evokes. Such ambiguity swirled through with longing and a simultaneous desire to escape & seek-out.

Thank you!