Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 06, 2009 - If


If a life can be suddenly shattered
And dreams can be broken in two
What joy can one find in knowing
It could all at once
Be taken from you

In an instant a heart
That is trusting and true
Can be hardened and made bitter
With grief
Love, no longer able, to give or receive
Pain has taken all hope
Like a thief

If we are given all knowledge
Of what our futures will hold
Would life be the journey
Of continuous wonder
That in each new day
We behold.

If given the choice of knowing
How each of my days will unfold
Or living each day as it comes
New, unchartered and bold
I would send my heart out there
To be broken
Shattered or torn
And chance having my dreams
Taken away

I would choose to go forth blindly
And take each day as it comes
Accepting the good and the bad
For if one never takes chances
To risk feeling heartache and pain
What kind of happiness
Could they ever attain?
-Neva Flores


phyllis said...

What a gift you have-- to express so much- so simply- and so profound-thank you

Phill Senters said...

Beautiful Neva. I hear the echos of pain and heartbreak.

robert miller said...

So much feeling so well said.

catdozer said...

If is such a small word but has serious ramifications for the person using it!Hind sight can be cruel if we let it be so. Neva has expressed if in a way asking why??? Thank You Neva