Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 18, 2009 - Masks


I have a mask
I wear it well
What is underneath
I wish to tell

When I'm alone
I take it off
And contemplate it's fate
Will I wear it once again
And myself berate

We all wear masks
That we reveal
To the different ones, we meet
With some, we lift it up a bit
And with some it stays complete

Could your mask
Perhaps be
The white lie, that you told
Or could it be
Your tolerance
To the things
In which you don't uphold

Yes, we all wear masks
From time to time
And fail to stand up
For our beliefs
The question is, my friend
Does the mask you wear
Practice to deceive?

- Neva Flores 2009


phyllis said...

Very insightful !!: The image chosen goes perfectly with the poem-- Thank you for sharing this .

Robert Miller said...

a beautiful poem, and so true of how our real selves are concealed only to a few.