Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 20, 2009 - Father


Would it matter if you knew
I speak of you to everyone I see
Would your heart be softened
And your forgiveness
Known to me

Would you be proud of me
If you only knew
How I have learned to stand alone
And what a strong woman
I have come to be

You will always be my first love
And my number one
The one who I thought
Would never judge
No matter what I've done

Can you ever understand
That how much you care
I see
But I couldn't grow myself
If you were always fixing me

-Neva Flores 2009


phyllis said...

Sensitive, moving, very touching , Thank you for sharing this Neva .

Robert Miller said...

wonderful Neva, so touching.

Phill Senters said...

Another great, meaningful poem, Neva. :)