Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 09, 2009 - My Search

My Search

I have spent a lifetime
Searching for you
So many different places
Has that search
Taken me to

I have known great joy
And shed many tears
I have lived and laughed
And loved
While searching
All these years

I have made mistakes
Yes, quite a few
Learning what I
Need and want
In my search for you

I have felt great pain
And danced out
In the rain
All of the while
Still searching
For your smile

All at once
There came a day
I thought my
Search it was in vain
I gave up on my quest
And gave this search
A rest

All at once
To my surprise
I looked into your eyes
And I knew my search
No longer had to be
As you
Had found me

© Neva Flores 2009


Phill Senters said...

Great. I love how you brought the search to a surprise ending.

Robert Miller said...

beautiful Neva, and I love your poetry so much. And the message is heart warming.

phyllis said...

There is so much Hope in this- so much promise, it is beautiful Neva., Thank you for sharing the wonder that is in your heart.

mottvilemama said...