Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10, 2009 - A Difference

A Difference

Each one of us is a light
In at least one other
Person's life
We encourage and influence
At least one other's
Daily fight

We walk an unbeaten path
For at least one to follow
While we lead
Our outstretched hand is there
To help at least one
Who is in need

We may be the only smile
One other person sees
And turn a heart around
That no longer wants to be

So remember every day
As you deal with your own strife
Your smile, your hand, your lead
Makes a difference
In someone else's life

Neva Flores


mysticdave said...

Such beautiful words you write....i am honored to call you a friend....your poetry is so expressive and heartfelt... :)

Robert Miller said...

very beautiful, and I do recognize the photo. Your thoughts are so intense and true.

mottvilemama said...

you are a great talent
I so love your poetry
thank you for sharing