Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12, 2009 - Himself


My Love he does not
To me bring
Flowers, jewels and such
He knows I care not
For these things
And my heart
They do not touch

My Love he brings
His smile to me
His reassuring touch
He whispers words of love
To me
And they mean
So ever much

My Love he brings me
Pieces of his heart
Giving of himself
Holding back no part

What need should I
Ever have
Of material things

When the greatest gift
Of all
My Love daily brings

Neva Flores


Phill Senters said...

Another great poem Neva. Your love sounds like a wonderful person. :)

phyllis said...

Just beautiful, so sensitive, thank you for sharing your talent so generously.

Robert Miller said...

wonderful thoughts Neva, just beautiful.

nothingprofound said...

This is what every man and woman in their heart wants to hear.

Robin Easton said...

You are so talented!! Just beautiful!! Not only is the meaning so precious, but the WAY you write it touches me deeply. Your poetry has an "other worldly" quality to it that feels very innocent and lacking affectations, effortless, sincere and part of who you are. I literally feel transported. Hugs, Robin