Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 28, 2009 - Experience


There comes a time
When one must determine
Of what they cannot be a part
A list of needs to be prepared
And branded deep into their heart

A lifetime of experience
Enables one this to decide
The joy and pain of choices made
Can be used as quite a guide

As I compose this list of needs
And fire up my branding iron
I return to my past misdeeds
And by what my triumphs were inspired

I pray with all that is in my soul
That I place wisdom in this brand
And it stays forever burned
Into my heart
As I face each day unplanned

-Neva Flores 2009


catdozer said...

hindsight can be cruel,we all must be happy with the decisions we make.Neva tells us to use our wisdom in this poem

Robert Miller said...

Beautiful Neva, some wonderful insight and we have all done some misdeeds in the past.