Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010 - It's A Small World

It's A Small World

There is a dream in the back of my mind
Of a tomorrow in that hopeful place
Deep down inside the heart of me
Where peace has a face

A dream of peace and harmony
An end to all unrest
Where love is shared by each and everyone
No longer to be repressed

Our world has become a smaller place
Language barriers are virtually removed
We share the small things important in our hearts
And relationships have been improved

We have special friends in distant lands across the sea
Once strangers impossible for us to meet
We are reaching out and holding hands
Touching minds and changing hearts
And the face of peace I do foresee

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Anonymous said...

Indeed it is a small world Neva. I like this poem very much TY:))

Gary said...

Lovely poem Neva!

phyllis said...

Beautifully said ; the real hope in friendships established through the internet,; as relationships develop,the violence of wars become more and more unthinkable ; Wonderful expression ; beautiful poem-- so insightful :) Thank You Neva.

BBB said...

A wonderful dream! I love your insight in this piece!

Anonymous said...

Hola NEVA como siempre es un gusto leer lo que sale de tu corazon y de esas experiencias de vida ; si tienes razon vivimos en un mundo mas pequeño donde se puede compartir con gente de todo el mundo y tomar todo eso bueno de ellos. A pesar de esas ventajas glovalizadas que disfrutamos hoy las personas son mas frias que nunca , creo "yo" que debemos ser parte de un cambio positivo y compartir todo aquello que haga feliz a las personas y sobre todo empezar a amar a nuestro projimo . Gracias Neva por compartir algo tan bello son los poetas los que cambian al mundo con su forma de ver las cosas diferentes... te mando un abraso. Enrique(LifeSilent)