Monday, June 21, 2010

Chaos - June 21, 2010


Drifting fragments of havoc float listlessly along the laughter
Echoing gently through all the minute strands
As well calculated overtures of bursts of opposition
Seeking an innocent quarry to command

Disconnected vagrants, sages of confusion
Erratically whisper in your ear
To yield to all the chaos floating on the laughter
Inviting you to exist among their fear

Such skillful masters of perplexity exist as bits of havoc
Offering up confusion to us one and all
Will you listen to the whispers offered in the laughter
Or turn your head and disregard their call

These drifting bits of havoc though laughing may appear
To float listlessly without a single care
Are searching for a quarry, to sink their laughter in
A victim to exist, in their chaotic fear

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


ray said...

To express what is felt in your heart the way you do, there must be a perfect harmony between the affects of the heart, and the distinct expressiveness of the mind.

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Sometimes I feel that some people thrive on the Chaos and wouldn't know how to live without it ;)

Neva Flores said...

I agree with you Steven.......

Neva Flores said...

Thank you Ray......

lorilynn said...

i am another one who also agree that there are some people out there who can not function in an atmosphere of calm. it makes them nervous to be with their own thoughts. very well done neva

Kate Smedley said...

Thanks for sharing these again Neva, another beautiful and perfect poem.

Neva Flores said...

Thanks Lorilynn. I think sometimes when people get uncomfortable in situations they don't understand they create havoc unknowingly. Basically we are all good and peace loving inside. That is just my opinion. :))

phyllis said...

So clear and so compassionate a view of the individual who must have chaos in order to survive--

Aileen said...

Chaos does have a way of appearing and some of us have a way of creating it. I often don't know when I create it from when it appears on its own. That is why I love serenity and calmness it tens to keep chaos away for a while.

Your writing is exquisite.

kdpgrahi said...

Chaos are nothing but one's state of mind.What is seemed to one as chaos may not be same to another. One's way of thinking or way of viewing makes beautiful things some time chaotic.

Any how I agree every beautiful laughter has its chaotic part moves along with it. A nice articulation.

TJF4316 said...

The beauty of the peace that fills your heart, comes through so very strong in the words that you write.
You take ordinary every day words, and you turn them into words that touch the readers heart and soul.

Timeless said...

Out of chaos then begins the calm.

Phoenix Montoya said...

Chaos... Loved the title. Another one of your best!