Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Idle Hands - June 22, 2010

 Idle Hands

She drew a small circle in the burning sands of time
To convey her vehement message of truth
A merit so worthy of honor and praise from the ones
Who gathered to survey her prelude

They watched as she tenderly touched each grain of sand
With her fingertips, so delicately fine
Each one holding their breath to see what would happen
Wondering if the circle would affect their own time

Each delicate movement, each brush of her fingers
Brought forth new triumphant sighs
As each relieved eye in the crowd looked and cheered on
When no change to themselves was applied

In one final swift movement she finished with flourish
The small circle she had drawn with her hands
And the world as they knew it disappeared into nothing
Like the sands of time, they allowed her to command

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


PoeticHeart said...

I love these words that display great detail of emotion. Absolutely beautiful. You have such a wonderful talent! So admire the loveliness!

lorilynn said...

yes neva, i think you are brilliant, absolute genius!! you have a way with words to put make it a visual image.

kdpgrahi said...

To be frank I hold a different view. No movement can be disappeared into nothing

Neva Flores said...

This is for my friend kdpgrahi:
This is a poem, not a piece of scientific evidence that I have discovered. A poem is not necessarily based on reality.

phyllis said...

I think it so sad, to miss the beauty and delicacy of the images spun in this small gem ; to create really means to bring something into existence out of nothing ;-- This is what you do with your poetry , spin together thoughts, ideas , nebulous floating nothings- into an web of silken beauty ,

Neva Flores said...

Thank you P........hugs!

revivor said...

the whole point of poetry is to explore!! absolutely agree with Neva!! this was a thought provoking piece of writing, nice work!!

Kate Smedley said...

I absolutely love the way this ends and the imagery of it, beautiful poem Neva.

Colon Cleanser said...

Hey your blog is so nice. I have stumbled your blog and add into my favorites.

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

I am having less and less time lately for SU, but your poetry is very nice & you have a wonderful way with words :p

arisophanes said...

Very Wonderful!!!! Terrificamundo!!!!