Monday, June 7, 2010

Lies - June 07, 2010


In smoky gray mirrors that dance on traveling walls
I see reflections of hazy shadows
Weaving their way into all of my senses
Until the sun once again brings in tomorrow

Peering from underneath the icy sheets of my bed
I timidly hide from their ghostly presence
In hopes they will not see me trembling in fear
And quickly steal into my very essence

Their presence is as a black as a night with no stars
The darkest day without the glorious sun
If I could stop trembling and move just an inch
I would flee from my bed and quickly run

I lack the courage that I need to open my eyes
To escape from this nightmare I am in
Will someone please wake me and show me the lies
That my dreams have brought me into again

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


BBB said...

Ah yes, those dreams can turn nasty! Great write!

Jonie said...

Great poem and wonderful image to go with it. I never remember my dreams... thankfully ;-)))

lorilynn said...

yes dear girl, nightmares are not fun. you wrote the senerio perfectly.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Well presented poem, all your poetry beautiful, and you write so well.

Thank you,

jo oliver said...

I felt every line as if my own bad dream. Very well done:)

Anonymous said...

Very vivid Neva. That feeling that scares even sleep away. Lies take away even innocence that I didn't know I had. Your words are healing words. Somehow they fall exactly in place when I need them the most. Thank God.....Faith

ray said...

All I need is an explanation and I promise, you have my word, that I will never bother you again. You owe me that much Neva.
Thanks Neva,