Sunday, June 20, 2010

Simplicity - June 20, 2010


The statuesque stones were once placed in a circle so grand
Safely surrounding the secrets hidden within
Perchance as protection from the distribution of inequity
That raged from the inner recesses of man

An infinite hedge of fortification so majestic in its defense
Still stands proudly holding all the secrets within
Perhaps of the cycles of life or passing of time
Heatedly debated for ages by man

So many have come to observe this mystical circle
To meditate upon its original plan
Oblivious to the fact that what could be so simple
Can often be perplexing to man

These statuesque stones still bravely defend the secrets
While the mystified onlookers stare
Believing if the reason were simple for their existence
It would be such a sad and distressing affair

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


VĂȘnus said...

mistério e beleza...

Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Very nice ;)

lorilynn said...

very cool poem!!

Khakjaan Wessington said...

This poem starts off really strong. By the third stanza, I would have liked to see a 'turn,' where the narrative shifts--either to talk about the onlooker or to give more symbolic detail to the stones.

This poem has great sound. It seems like a prophecy, but I find that you--the seer--awoke & forgot some of your vision while reciting it to us. You have the reader's attention priestess, go and drive your point home. This one is definitely worthy of revision. Great job.


Neva Flores said...

Thanks KW

revivor said...

great work - opening up a load of questions about their origins as we approach the solstice

kdpgrahi said...

I appreciate your idea of cycle of life. Where you got this?

Ryan said...

I enjoyed that, a great mystery that I doubt we will ever find out the true meanings of Stonehenge.

Neva Flores said...

my idea of using the line about life cycle is just a way of showing one of the different ideas we have had about the origin and use of some of our ancient ruins.

Phoenix Montoya said...

Lovely write as usual, Neva xx

Phoenix Montoya said...
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