Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Makeup - June 29, 2010


There is a face in the mirror intently staring back at you
Attempting to recognize the one it views
You are spellbound for one quick moment, in such wonderment
As your eyes meet, and you both realize that it is you

Was it not just yesterday that you were young and naive
Without the wisdom you now hold in your eyes
Now a stranger is boldly looking back with an unflinching gaze
Brazenly daring you to try her on for size

You briefly pause in sheer amazement at these eyes you see
Beaming back at you with a strength unknown
You smile in appreciation and accept yourself as your own
Sit up proudly and put your makeup on

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


PoeticHeart said...

Amazing as we look ourselves in the mirror and reflect back. I suppose after so many things have occurred in this life, I'd not turn back the hands of time, and learn as we go despite obstacles. =) Very well written Neva!

dawid said...

Learn to reassess oneself regularly.

dawid said...

Regular reassessing oneself is important.

kdpgrahi said...

Yes I want to leave aside the yesterday and take as completely a stranger. We should look tomorrow and the make up helps us to look forward. Thanks Neva well written.

lorilynn said...

well i hate to say this, i like the way i looked in yesteryear's but i will take the wisdom of today any day. great post!!

jo oliver said...

I just turned thirty....so this one is ringing in my ear. I see so many changes in the mirror. Guess my next step is just to embrace the me I am today instead of looking for the me I was yesterday.

Jonie said...

Thanks, wise words indeed :-))

Kate Smedley said...

Wonderful words Neva, we should accept ourselves as we are and value ourselves too.

revivor said...

every now and again the image looks back knowingly - sometimes I see my dad, sometimes a stranger and sometimes me!!

Anonymous said...

This is a good poem Neva! Setting a presence we are!