Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dancing Butterflies - June 06, 2010

Dancing Butterflies
The sweet elusive fragrance of dancing butterflies
Flows gently from the corners of my memory
Mellow and entrancing as the softest sighs
Heard from a whispered cry of glee

I am captured by the aroma in such sweet ecstasy
That plays upon my senses so divine
A lovely, flowing feeling illuminates within me
As if, I have breathed in another time

I have escaped to another time, another place
Where I now dance delicately and free
You can smell the sweet elusive fragrance
Flowing gently from my wings
Breathe in and you can dance with me

Copyright *Neva Flores @2010


Steven R. Ward (Kosyman) said...

Beautiful words ;)

Kate Smedley said...

I adore 'the sweet elusive fragrance of dancing butterflies', beautiful words as always.

lorilynn said...

gorgeous, i can almost smell this one; night blooming jasmine and lily of the valley....ummmm!!!

Jonie said...


BBB said...

A beautiful write!

Anonymous said...